Funny Stories About Marriage Life

On this page we present you some funny stories about marriage life.

An exciting adventure...

After thirty years spent watching television, the husband told his wife:

– Let us now do something really exciting.

These words brought to her mind pictures of pleasure jaunt through the night city.

– Excellent! – She exclaimed. – What will we do?

– Well, I thought… Let’s exchange chairs, honey!

Funny stories about marriage life...

funny stories about marriage life

One married couple moved to the new apartment. In the morning a wife, just after waking up, looked through the window and saw a neighbouring woman, who was hanging out her linen to dry.
— Look at her dirty linen — she told her husband.
But he continued to read the newspaper and didn’t pay any attention to her words.
— Perhaps her soap is bad or she does not know how to wash, we ought to teach her!
And every time the neighbouring woman was hanging out her linen, the wife was surprised how dirty it was.
One morning she looked through the window and screamed:
— Oh! Today the linen is pure. Probably the neighbouring woman learned to wash it at last!
— No, it’s not, – her husband answered — today I just woke up a little bit earlier and washed up a window.


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