Short Moral Stories For Kids

Moral development of children is a responsibility of their parents. They have to teach what is right behaviour and what is wrong. Moral stories help to explain the principles of life in an exciting way. On this page we present you a collection of short moral stories for children.

There were two angels living...

There were two angels living in heaven. One of them was always resting, and the other was constantly traveling from earth to God.
The resting angel asked the other:
– Why are you flying all the time from here to there?
– I am carrying the messages from people to God which start with these words: Dear God, help… And why are you resting all the time?
– Well, I have to carry the messages to God which start with these words: I thank you Lord…

Short Moral Stories For Kids...

A big dog saw a puppy chasing its tail and asked:

– Why are you chasing your tail that way?

– I have studied philosophy and solved the problem of the universe, which no other dog before me had ever solved, – the puppy answered, – and I have found out that the best thing for a dog in life – is happiness, and that my happiness is in my tail. That is why I am chasing it, and when I catch it – I will reach happiness.

– Son, – the dog said, – in my young days I was also interested in the questions of the universe. I also thought that the happiness is in the tail and in the beginning I was also chasing it. But later I have noticed that anywhere I go and whatever I do, the tail was following behind me. And then I understood that I don’t need to chase it.

One day after a high tide...

short moral stories for kids

One day after a high tide lots of sea-stars were brought to the shore. They started drying up in the sun. A boy, walking down the shore started throwing the sea-stars into the sea, so that they could continue their lives.
A person came up to him and asked:
– Why are you doing this? Look around! There are millions of sea-stars; the shore is covered with them. Your attempts won’t change anything!
The boy picked up the following sea-star, thought for a moment, threw it into the sea and said:
– No, my attempt will change a lot…for this sea-star.


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Two grains were lying...

Two grains were lying side by side on the fertile soil.

The first grain said: “I want to grow up! I want to put down roots deep into the ground and sprout from the ground. I dream to blossom in delicate buds and proclaim the coming of spring. I want to feel the warm rays of sun and the dew drops on my petals!”.
This grain grew up and became a beautiful flower.

The second grain said: “I’m afraid. If I put down my roots into the ground, I don’t know what they will face there. If I grow tender stems, they can be damaged by wind. If I grow flowers, they may be disrupted. So I’d rather wait for the safer time.
Thus the second grain was waiting, until the chicken that passed by did not peck it.