Short Stories

Story about good teacher...

A new pupil, who has been already kicked out of three schools, was brought to the school.

One teacher came to class, looked at the new pupil and thought: “Where only such people come from…”

The second teacher came saw a new pupil and said with anger:

— There is no lack of you here…

The third teacher came to class.

— Do we have a new pupil? – He rejoiced.

He went to a new pupil, shook his hand, looked into his eyes, smiled and said:

— Good morning! I was waiting for you!


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Short moral stories

Short stories about life...

Two travellers went to the mountains. When they crossed the half-way already, the beginner looked at the undergrowth and began to lament:

– And where is the beautiful scenery, which you were talking about all the time?

His experienced companion smiled and answered:

– You’re in the centre of it, what you will be convinced in, when we reach the top of the mountain.

A group of people...

short stories about life

A group of people, who died in the crash, were surprised to find themselves in the world that was extremely similar to ours. It contained all conveniences and various entertainments. With a bigger surprise they found out that they were in the hell.

Those who wanted an easy life got it. Those who thirsted for money gained them. All ambitions of all varieties were satisfied. There were a lot of demons that helped them to do everything they wanted.

However, one day, known as the “day of complaints,” several residents came to reception to the senior demon and said:

– We are living a wonderful life: continuous, colourful parties, various entertainments. However, we noticed that with each passing day we become more weakened and move away from each other, and quickly lose everything that is easy to get for us.

– Well, – the demon was surprised – you are in hell, aren’t you?


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Story about good teacher

The Teacher could not be called...

The Teacher could not be called an ardent advocate of etiquette and good manners, but dealing with people, he always showed natural politeness and courtesy.

One evening a young student drove the Teacher home and was rude to the police in the way. Justifying himself, he said:

– I want to be myself and let everyone know what I feel. Politeness is nonsense, the air shake.

– It is true, – agreed the Teacher kindly, – but our car tires are filled with air and you see how it helps to soften the blows.