Stories About The Power Of Thoughts

Mental strength is crucial for a happy and successful life. It means that a person can manage his emotions and thoughts despite of the circumstances. It also means to be strong enough to reach your goals and live according to your own values. On this page you will find a collection of stories about the power of thoughts.

Stories about the power of thoughts...

One man was travelling and suddenly he got to the paradise.

He sat down under the desire tree (there is such tree in the paradise, sitting under which you can immediately fulfil any your desire, you just need to think about it) and thought: “I am hungry, so it would be nice to have a bite right now.” And when he just thought about this, a table full of different dishes that he was thinking about appeared right before him.

Wow! – The man was surprised, – but it can’t be! – He thought so, and the table with dishes disappeared immediately. “It would be nice to get it back!” – And dishes appeared again.

He ate a plenty of dishes – he has never eaten such tasty food before. After satisfying hunger he thought: it would be nice to drink something – and a perfect wine appeared immediately, because there are no restrictions in the paradise.

Lying in the shadow of the tree and drinking wine, he started wondering: Why these miracles do happen? It just can’t be that everything would be so good – probably some ghosts played a joke on me.

Suddenly the ghosts appeared. They were terrible and looked like he imagined them.

The man became scared and thought: now they will kill me!

And they killed him.

Everyone lives in the world that he deserves.


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One man wanted to become powerful...

One man wanted to become powerful. When he heard that there was a sage who lived high in the mountains and could work the miracles, he went to him. This man prepared food for a sage, wrapped up his feet and did everything, what is necessary in such cases. The old man was very kind and friendly, but being asked about the miracles, he always repeated one thing:

—I am a simple man and don‘t know any miracles.

But the dodger thought so: “This is a sure sage sign. Only the one who knows can say such things. And the one who declares himself as a knower, do not know anything”. Time has passed. A man did not leave. Day and night he was serving a sage, hoping to extract his secret. One night the young man started to massage the old man‘s feet, asking him about miracles. Soon the old man wanted to sleep and said:

— It‘s enough. Stop it!

But the dodger said him:

— I will not stop until you open me the secret of working the miracles!

— Well, — a sage said, — let it be in your way! I will give you a very powerful spell. You have to tell it nine times after you made a wish. This is very powerful spell! So, every your wish will come true.

When the young man received what he had dreamt about, he was very happy and started to gather his things. A sage told him:

-But do not hurry, there is one condition.

-What kind of condition? – the young man asked.

-To make your wish come true, you have to concentrate on it in the full silence. And, most importantly, you do not have to think about the yellow monkey!

– Oh, that’s not a problem! – the young man said. – I’ve never thought about any monkey.

And he left. On the way home he started to see some faces. But he was in a hurry and did not pay much attention to it. He wanted to sit in the silence and make a wish as soon as possible.

When he reached the home, it seemed to him that the monkeys looked at him from all windows. “What a delusion?” – he thought. But that was only the beginning! As soon as he sat down, made a wish, and told a spell, the most interesting thing has begun! The monkeys surrounded him. They screamed, built the smiley faces, pulled his clothes. It was unbearable!

When the morning came, he didn’t dream about any miracles. He just wanted to sleep. But vainly! The monkeys persecuted him everywhere.

The next evening the young man visited a sage. A sage was waiting for him.

-What happened? Did the monkeys disturb you? – a sage asked, smiling.

-It‘s not time to laugh. Is it funny? – the young man asked. – Did the monkeys bother me? You are an old man and you are not ashamed to make such jokes? I have accepted you as my teacher, and what you did? I almost went crazy! Take your spell back and free my mind. Instead of teaching me the miracles, you have developed the monkey mind in me.

A sage, gently smiling, said:

– It‘s your fault. I warned you that I do not know any miracles. Moreover, I wanted to show you how undeveloped and enslaved is your mind. And, first of all, you have to develop it.