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The Lotus And The Pond

A grey bearded old man and a young man were observing the blooming of a lotus, sitting on a shore of a silent pond, when a young man interrupted the silence.

“Master, why the meaning of life is hidden from us? We meditate trying to understand the logic of things happening around us, we see separate parts and we are aware of their interrelations. But all of our efforts appear to be vain when a new component appears, destroying all of the previous logical constructions.”

“The meaning of life,” the teacher reluctantly turned his eyes from the flower, “can only be understood by someone whose mind isn’t clouded with earthly troubles, wishes and passions. Only new-borns are close to that state. The essence of a new-born reminds a lotus, soaring on the unshakable stillness of the pond. The surface of their soul isn’t touched by the wind of aspirations, the rain of attachments, the snow of grievance, and the ice of loss. Their moistness isn’t dried by fears, malodorous bubbles of fear don’t take to the surface the slime from the bottom, their shores are empty, and the forest by the shore doesn’t defile the child’s clean water with fallen leaves, branches and needles. And later the World appears, with all of its meaningless worldliness. On the shores of the pond an impenetrable thicket of teachers grows up, mentors, friends, enemies, lovers, children, relatives. Constantly, the surface of the water becomes inseparable from the thick garbage on the shore. Every word, every moral, every kiss, every punch or kindness, every our influence disturbs the untouched soul of a child, making him to grow up and go further and further from the understanding of the meaning of life.”

“But we can’t get rid of all of this,” the student shouted out heatedly. “We are people! Our life consists of the course of these actions, this coil, the boiling of these passions and wishes! Or are you asking people to become ferns?!!”

“You’ve understood everything right, my boy,” a light smile touched the lips of the old man. “You want to search for the meaning of life? Search for it. But to do that, you will need to refuse every carnal wish, attachment and feeling, become the grass, the fern, go live in the temple, become a hermit, rip all of the ties that join you with worldly troubles and passions, and then, possibly, you will be able to go back to the beginning. But what all of this is for? Is the search worth it? Ask yourself this question and if the answer will be negative, remain the person between the people.”

The teacher turned his eyes towards the lotus again and finished, “And about the meaning of life you will always be able to talk with friends, while sitting in the shade of your home terrace, listening to the cheerful laughter of children, and drinking green aroma tea, that your loving wife brings you.”

Story About Sense Of Time

story about time

Once an old man and a young man were sitting on the shore of a wild and stormy river.

“Master,” the student asked, “why does the time flow straight, but always ripples, either slowing down to a complete stop, or racing like a cow with a thistle under her tail?”

The teacher looked at the seething water and answered:

“You see there are a few large stones in the river and a lot of small pebbles. Imagine that the river is your life. If you will only rejoice over big occasions – like your wedding that will happen next month, or like a new baby that you will have after one year, or new business that you will start after five years…  – then you will cross your life in a few jumps, like jumping from one stone to another. Otherwise, if you will move in small paces over the pebbles, taking joy in small things: a sunny day, the beauty of autumn forest, a good conversation, then later looking back at your life you won’t see ten big stones, but lots of your own traces, and each of them you will be able to remember with a happy smile. And you will see that the road that you have crossed is much longer.”

“But teacher, when I love or when I do the work that I like or when I have a talk with friends – the time flies fast. But the time drags so long when I’m hurt, when I’m afraid or when I feel lonely.”

“You see,” the old man answered wistfully, “this is what it should be. When we are unhappy, we don’t live but we only exist, so the time lies still in our wallets. And only for our happiness we pay the ringing coin of time, that we still have left.”

There was a boy

inspirational stories about happiness

There was a boy, whose family was very wealthy. One day his father took him on a trip to the country, where he aimed to show his son, how poor people live. So they arrived to a farm of a very poor family, as he considered. They spent there several days. On their return, the father asked his son, did he like the trip.

„Oh, it was great, dad” – the boy replied. „Did you notice how poor people live?” „Yeah, I did“- said the boy. The father asked his son to tell in more details about his impressions from their trip“.

„Well, we have only one dog, and they have four of them. In our garden there is a pool, while they have a river that has no end. We‘ve got expensive lanterns, but they have stars above their heads at night. We have the patio, and they have the whole horizon. We have only a small piece of land, while they have the endless fields. We buy food, but they grow it. We have high fence for protection of our property, and they don‘t need it, as their friends protect them.”

The father was stunned. He could not say a word.

Then the boy added: „Thank you, dad, for letting me see how poor we are.”

This story shows that the true wealth as well as happiness is not measured by materials things. Love, friendship and freedom are far more valuable.


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Short story about death and life

A girl was standing on the roof of a high building. After finding out that her husband was cheating on her, she wanted to end with her life. After a short hesitation, she made a step forward. The girl fell fast towards the ground. But just before the death, the fear filled her soul. Suddenly she felt like she was in someone’s embrace. She opened her eyes and saw an angel, who was holding her in his hands.
– Why didn’t you let me fall? – She asked with anger.
– I will let you go if you agree to die understanding that there won’t be any memories of you left on earth, nothing.
– How is that? – asked the girl in surprise.
– You don’t have children, who would remember you, your mother is old and she will die soon. And everyone else…they will forget about you soon…
– And my husband? He will blame himself for my death. If he will feel remorse all his life, he will remember me.
– That won’t happen, he doesn’t love you, he is happy with another woman. And he won’t blame himself for a long time, soon he will forget you.
– Fine, I believe you. But I have things, photographs.
– Your apartment will burn down after one year. And all your things will turn into ash…
– But my friends have photos of me.
– You don’t have friends, – the angel said quite coldly.
– But… I am on the collective school photos.
Suddenly, the angel started to unclamp his hands.
– You are letting me go because I proved to you that there will be memories about me left? – The girl asked mockingly.
– No. You are clinging to the strings so hard; you are convincing me that I would let you die, just like others are clinging to some futile opportunities so that they could live. I don’t want to spend these moments with you, because I could help other people during that time. I want to give people a chance to live, not to die.

Once upon a time there was a Wave

Once upon a time there was a Wave. She liked to frolic with the wind. She liked to caress the rocks on the shore.

Once she got into a strange bay. There was a Cliff. He stood in the middle of the bay. The Wave became friends with Cliff. They could talk for hours. They spent all time together.

Once the Wave realized that she loved the Cliff. He also liked funny and careless Wave. But he told her:

— No, you can‘t love me. I am a stone. I am a Cliff. I don‘t know how to love. I will break you.

But the Wave did not want to back down. She tried to hug Cliff and was scattered by thousands of gold spray. But Wave tried to do this again. She forced herself just to communicate with Cliff. She carefully took off shells, sticking on him. But Cliff said:

— I am strong. I am a stone. I don‘t need your care.

Once again the Wave rushed towards him. Once again the sprays glistened on the wind…

The years passed. The Wave still loved the Cliff. He pretended not noticing this. She tried to approach him – and still has been broken.

One morning the Wave disappeared. The Cliff woke up and did not see her nearby. But he forced himself not to think about it. Days went by, but she did not appear.

Several years have passed, and the Wave came back. She has changed a lot. She knew a lot more about life now. She was no longer so thoughtless and careless. But she still loved the Cliff. And he … he pretended that it does not matter that she came back, because he was a stone. How could he afford a weakness for the Wave?

Many years have passed. The Wave still talked with the Cliff, but there were no more intimate conversations and long night vigils. The Cliff was getting older. Water undermined it. And the Wave was travelling, learning new countries and cities, new people. Somehow, returning home, she realized that she no longer thought of the Cliff. The Cliff also understood that. And he also understood that could not live without her, without her stories about the cities and foreign shores, without her twitter about everything. One day the Cliff told her:

– Yes, I am a stone. Yes, I am a Cliff. But I cannot live without you.

And he fell into the waves. And the Wave… she just kissed him saying goodbye.

Inspiring moral story about happy marriage

I was waiting to pick up a friend at the airport. That day I had one of those experiences that change people‘s lives. It happened just two feet away from me. I noticed a man, carrying two bags, coming toward me. He stopped next to me to greet his family.

First of all he laid down his bag and came closer to his younger son (about six years old), they gave each other a warm, loving hug. Then the father looked in his son‘s eyes with words: „I missed you so much, it‘s so good to see you, son!“. The boy smiled and said: „Me too, dad“.

Then the man talked to his older son (nine or ten years old). „Oh, you are quite the young man, I love you very much!“ and cupped his face. Then they had the most tender hug too.

Afterwards the father said „Hi, baby girl“ to his baby daughter. She was squirming excitedly in her mother‘s arm and watching her returning father all the time. The man gently took his little daughter, quickly kissed her face all over and then held her close to his chest. The little girl laid her head on his shoulder in pure contentment.

After several moments the man looked at his wife and said „I‘ve saved the best for last“ and shared with her the most passionate kiss. They stared at each other, beaming big smiles. They reminded me of newlyweds.

Suddenly, I heard myself asking „Wow, how long have you been married?“. „Been together fourteen years, and married twelve of those“ . „Well then, have long have you been away?“. He replied with joyous smile on his face: „Two whole days!“.

I was stunned, as I imagined that he had been gone for several weeks at least. I could only say: „I hope that my marriage is still that passionate after twelve years“. The man looked straight into my eyes and told me something that changed my life:

„Don‘t hope, friend, decide!“…


A little girl was

heart touching stories

A little girl was decorating a box with a gold wrapping paper to put it under the Christmas tree. Money was tight, so the girl‘s father punished her for wasting almost all roll of that expensive paper.

However, the next morning the girl brought the gift to her father. „This is for you, Daddy” – she said. He opened a box and found it empty, so he became angry again. „Don‘t you know, that when you give someone a gift, it is supposed that there would be something inside it” – he said severely.

The little girl looked at her father with tears in her eyes. „Daddy, this box is not empty, I filled it with my kisses, all for you“.

The father was stunned. He felt so embarrassed that could just put his arms around his little daughter and beg for her forgiveness.

For many years of his life the man kept that golden box near his bed. Wherever he felt sad and downhearted he opened the box and thought of love that the little child had put into it.

Each of us have been given a present of unconditional love from our children, family, friends and God. It is the most precious possession that anyone could hold.

Short moral story about love

short morl stories about love

Parents had a son, who was diligent and hard-working. When the son grew up, his father found him a rich bride.
– Dear parents, I don’t need your bride, – the son disagreed. – She’s grumpy and doesn’t know how to do anything. I fell in love with a hard-working and cheerful girl and I want to marry her.
– Who is she? – asked the parents in surprise.
– Our maid. Don’t you see how nice and beautiful she is, how she works from dusk till down? – The son answered.
Parents got mad. Their family was rich and they wanted to be even richer. They fired the maid, but the son didn’t forget the girl.
Then his father told him:
– If you want to marry a poor girl, you have to leave our house. I won’t give you anything.
– It’s not a problem, father. The most important thing is love, – the son said and left.
He started living with his young wife soul to soul. Soon, his mother came to visit her son. She stayed for one day and said:
– My dear Son, at our home we were eating pies and here you have only black bread. At our home you used to sleep on a featherbed, and here – on straws. Do you really like it?
– A person’s home is where he loves and is loved, – the son answered.

Inspirational stories about values

inspirational stories about values

Many years ago all feelings and emotions have gathered to spend their vacation on a coastal island. Each of them was having a good time, but one day there was announced a warning of a storm and everyone had to leave the island.

This caused a panic, all rushed to their boats and only Love did not wish to be in a hurry. There was so much to do, so Love was the last, who realized that it was time to leave. However, no free boats were left and Love looked around with hope.

As Prosperity was passing by in its classy boat, Love asked: „Please, take me in your boat“. But Prosperity replied: „My boat is full of gold and other precious possessions, there is no place for you“.

Then Vanity came by in a lovely boat. Love asked: „Vanity, could you take me in your boat? Please, help me.” Vanity said: „No, your feet are muddy, and I don‘t want my boat get dirty.”

A bit later Sorrow was passing by and Love called for help. But Sorrow answered: „I am so sad, I want to be by myself“.

Then Happiness came by, Love asked for help, but Happiness was too happy, it hardly concerned about anyone.

Suddenly somebody called out: „Love, I will take you with me“. Love did not recognize its saviour, just gratefully jumped on to the boat.

When everyone had reached safe place, Love get off the boat and met Knowledge. Love asked: „Knowledge, do you know who helped me when everyone else turned away?”
Knowledge smiled: „That was Time, because only Time knows Love‘s true value and what Love is capable of. Only Love can bring peace and happiness.”

The message of this story is that when we are prosperous, we underrate Love. When we feel important, we do not appreciate love. And even in happiness and sorrow we overlook love. Only with time we realize the true value of love. Why wait and not cherish Love every day of your life?


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Once a student came to a wise sage and asked

Once a student came to a wise sage and asked:

— What else do people lack to make the world better?

— They lack things that they do not ask about, — he answered. And, seeing the perplexity of a person who asked the question, explained:

— What people ask God for? Happiness, wealth, love, even talent – for the sake of success and fame. But did you hear that someone asked to make him smarter or kinder?

The student thought and shook his head.

— That‘s it! — The sage said regretfully. — Everyone consider himself sufficiently intelligent and kind, willing himself entirely different. And so the world does not become any smarter and kinder.

Leaving, the student repeated himself: “Good mind – that‘s what people do not think to ask for that the world would become better.”

But the thought to start from himself did not occur to him.

Stories about kindness

stories about kindness

A poor boy was selling goods from one door to another to pay for his studies. One day he found that he had only one dime left, and he was hungry. While approaching the next house, he decided to ask for a meal.

But when a young woman has opened the door, he only dared to ask for a glass of water. She looked at him and understood that probably the boy is hungry. So she brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it and then asked how much he owed her. The woman replied: „You don‘t own me anything. Mother taught us never to accept pay for a kindness“. „Then I thank you from the bottom of my heart“, – he said and felt that now is stronger not only physically, but his faith in God has grown as well. The boy‘s name was Howard Kelly.

Many years have passed. One day that woman became seriously ill. Local doctors could not help her. Therefore they sent her to a big city, where her rare disease would be studied by specialists. Dr Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he entered her room in the hospital, he immediately recognized the woman, that showed kindness to him, when he was poor. The doctor was determined to do his best to help her recover from her disease.

The struggle was long, but together they managed to overcome her illness. After some time the woman received a bill for her treatment. She was worried that the amount to pay would be so significant, that it would take the rest of her life to pay for it. Finally, when the woman looked at the bill, she noticed words that were written on the side of the bill. The words were: „Paid in full with a glass of milk“.


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Moral stories about character

moral stories about character

A long time ago there was a boy. He was smart, talented and handsome. However, he was very selfish and his temper was so difficult, that nobody wanted to be friends with him. Often he got angry and said various hurtful things to people around him.

The boy‘s parents very concerned about his bad temper. They considered what they could do and one day the father had an idea. He called his son and gave him a hammer and a bag of nails. The father said: „Every time you get angry, take a nail and drive into that old fence as hard as you can.”

The fence was very tough and the hammer was heavy, nevertheless the boy was so furious that during the very first day he has driven 37 nails.

Day after day, week after week, the number of nails was gradually decreasing. After some time, the boy started to understand that holding his temper is easier than driving nails into the fence.

One day the boy didn‘t need hammer and nails anymore as he learned to hold his temper perfectly. So he came to his father and told about his achievement. „Now every time, when you hold your temper all day long, pull out one nail“.

Much time has passed. At last the boy could be proud of himself as all the nails were gone. When he came to his father and told about this, he offered to come and take a careful look at the fence. „You did a good job, my son, but pay your attention to the holes that left from the nails. The fence will never be the same. The same happens when your say hurtful things to people, as your words leave scars in their hearts like those holes in the fence. Remember, we need to treat everyone with love and respect, because it doesn‘t matter, that you say you are sorry, the scars will not disappear.


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George was a driver and

touching stories

George was a driver and he spent so much time at his work, that he could hardly have a meal together with his wife and three children. In the evenings he attended classes, seeking to get knowledge, that one day would help him to find a better paying job.

George‘s family often complained that he is not spending enough time with them, but his only answer was „I am doing all this for you, I work hard to provide my family with the best that I can“.

Soon after George had passed his exams, he received a good job offer with a salary, which was significantly higher than he had before. So now George could provide his family with more expensive clothes, some luxury items or vacations in foreign countries. It was like a dream come true, but family still did not get enough attention from George, as he continued to work very hard and often he did not get to see his family for most of the week.

Time passed and George‘s hard work paid off, he was promoted. He decided to relieve his wife from domestic works, so he hired a maid. He also decided that their flat is not big enough for their family and they need a more spacious one. Thus he needed to work even harder and, moreover, he continued his studies, so that he would be promoted again. George worked so hard, that sometimes he even had to spend his Sundays with his clients instead of his wife and children. And again, whenever family asked for his time and complained that they do not spend enough time together, he answered, that he was doing all this only for them.

A bit later George was promoted, so he could buy a spacious house with a beautiful view. On the first Sunday evening at their new home, George told his wife and kids, that now he decided not to take any studies and work not so hard, so that he could spend more time with his beloved family. The very next morning George did not wake up.

Stories about unconditional love

stories about unconditional love

There was a blind girl. She had a loving boyfriend, who was always there for her. The girl hated herself and everyone around, just because she was blind. Her boyfriend asked her to marry him. But she said: „If I could only see the world, I would marry you“.

One day someone had donated a pair of eyes to this girl and after an operation she could see everything. But when her loving boyfriend came to her and asked if she would marry him now, she just looked at him with disdain, as she could see now that he was blind too. Thus she refused to marry him. He walked away full of sadness and later wrote a short letter of few words to her: „Just take care of my eyes darling“.


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Touching stories

heart touching stories

When James was a college student, he had admired a lovely sports car in one dealer‘s showroom for a long time. He knew that his parents could afford it and told them, that this car is all that he wanted as a gift in a day of his graduation.

Graduation day came and father had called James into his private office. He told him: „I am very proud to have such a good son like you.” He told him how much he loved him and handed him a lovely wrapped gift. James felt disappointment, but he was curious to know what it was, so he opened the box and saw a leather-bound Bible. „You are so wealthy and all you can give me is a Bible?” – James shouted at his father with anger and left the house.

Time passed and James became a successful businessman. He was happily married and had two children. Their family lived in a beautiful house. However, his soul still hurt due to broken relationships with his father. James did not see him since his graduation day.

One day he received a note, which told that his father passed away. According to the testament he had inherited all of the possessions of his father. When James arrived at his father‘s house and began to look for some important paper, and accidentally he found the Bible, still gift-wrapped, and sadness had filled his heart. With tears in his eyes, he opened the Bible and read a verse that was underlined by his father: “And if ye, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give to those who ask Him?” Suddenly a car key had dropped from the back of the Bible. He knew that it was keys to the same car that he desired at that time. James also found a tag with the date of his graduation on it and the words „Paid in full“.

Touching story about kids

A long time ago I worked as a volunteer at a hospital. There was a little girl, who suffered from a serious disease. The only chance for her recovery was a blood transfusion from her five-year-old brother, since he had experienced the same disease and had miraculously recovered. Thus he had the needed antibodies to struggle with this illness.

So the doctor told about the situation to the boy and asked him, if he is willing to give his blood to his sister. He hesitated only for a moment, then the little boy took a deep breath and said: „Yes, I will do this, if it will save her life“.

During the transmission his sister was lying in bed next to him. The boy looked at her and smiled, but gradually his face became pale and his smile faded. He asked the doctor with a trembling voice: „Will I start to die right now?”

The little boy thought that he would have to give all his blood to save the life of his beloved sister.

Inspirational stories about helping others

inspirational stories about helping others

A man was driving his car, when he saw an old lady, stranded on the side of the road. He saw that she needed help. So he stopped his Pontiac near her Mercedes and got out.

He smiled, while he was approaching her, still she was worried, as nobody had stopped for hours. Moreover, he did not look safe, as his appearance was so poor and shabby. He could see, how frightened she was, so he tried to calm her: „ I‘m here to help you, don‘t worry. My name is Bryan Anderson“.

The tire was flat, so he had to crawl under the car. While changing the tire, he got dirty and his hands were hurt.

When the job was done, she asked how much she owed him for his help. Bryan smiled. He said: „If you really want to pay me back, the next time you see someone, who needs help, give that person the needed assistance. And think of me“.

At the same evening, the lady stopped by a small cafe. That place looked dingy. Then she saw a waitress, nearly eight months pregnant, wiping her wet hair with a towel. The waitress had a sweet friendly smile, although she had spent on her feet the whole day.

The lady wondered how someone, who has so little, can be so kind and giving to a stranger. Then she remembered Bryan.
The lady had finished her meal and paid with a hundred dollar bill. The waitress went to get change and when she came back, the lady was gone. She left a note on the napkin: „You don‘t own me anything. Somebody once helped me, just like now I‘m helping you. If you really want to pay me back, do not let this chain of love end with you“. The waitress found four more one hundred bills under the napkin.

That night the waitress came home earlier. She was thinking about the lady and the money she left. She was wondering, how the lady could know, how much she and her husband needed it, especially now, when the baby will soon arrive. She knew that her husband worried about that, so she was glad to tell him good news. Then she kissed him and whispered „Now everything will be all right. I love you, Bryan Anderson“.


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A university professor asked his students a question

A university professor asked his students a question:

– Does everything that exist was created by God?

One student answered bravely:

– Yes, created by God.

– Did God create everything? – asked the professor.

– Yes, Sir, – the student answered.

Professor said:

– If God created everything, that means that God created evil, because it exists. And according to this principal, the things we do determine who we are, that means – God is evil.

The student got quiet after hearing that answer. Professor was very happy with himself. He boasted to the students, that he proved once again that God is a myth.

Another student raised his hand and said:

– Can I ask you a question, professor?

– Of course, – professor answered.

The student got up and asked:

– Professor, does cold exist?

– Of course it exists. Didn’t you ever get cold?

Students laughed at the question of the young man. The young man answered:

– Actually, Sir, cold doesn’t exist. According to the laws of physics, what we consider to be cold truthfully is the absence of heat. You can study a person or a thing according to its ability to transfer energy. An absolute zero (-460 degrees according to Fahrenheit) is a complete absence of heat. The whole substance becomes inert and unable to react in that temperature. Cold doesn’t exist. We created that word to describe what we feel at the absence of heat.

The student continued:

– Professor, does the darkness exist?

– Of course it exists.

– You are wrong again, Sir. The darkness also doesn’t exist. Darkness is actually the absence of light. We can study the light, but not the darkness. We can use the prism of Newton to expand the white light into many colours and study the different lengths of the waves of each colour. You can’t measure the darkness. A simple ray of light can burst into the world of darkness and light it up. How can you find out, how dark is some kind of a space? You measure the quantity of light submitted. Isn’t it? Darkness is an understanding which people use to describe something that happens in the absence of light.

Finally, the young man asked the professor:

– Sir, does evil exist?

The professor timidly answered:

– Of course, as I have already said. We see it every day. Cruelty among the people, lots of crimes and violence around the world. These examples are nothing other than the manifestations of evil.

The student answered to this:

– Evil doesn’t exist, Sir, at least, it doesn’t exist for itself. Evil – is just an absence of God. It is similar to darkness and cold, created by people, to describe the absence of God. God didn’t create evil. Evil is not the faith or love, which exists like light and heat. Evil – is the result of absence of Godly love in a human heart. It’s like the cold, which comes when there is no heat, or like the darkness, which comes when there is no light.

These words left the professor speechless.


One day an old Soul Wound decided

One day an old Soul Wound decided to destroy her host. She came to him in a dream and said:
– Look at yourself and around you. How do you live? After all, you have only problems- inside and outside.
– So what, – the host answered, – but I have a wonderful woman. I love her and she loves me.
– But what can you offer her, except your own problems? She will leave you soon, – The Soul Wound said.
– No she won’t! – The man said, – after all, she loves me.
– Think about it – is it possible to love you? You are a loser! – The Soul Wound exclaimed.
– That is the thing! If I wouldn’t have any problems – inside and outside, I would have some doubts about her being with me. But now I’m sure about her sincerity.
– Ok, then think: if she is so wonderful, do you deserve her? Doesn’t she deserve a better life, than with you – mentally wounded loser with lots of problems?
After waking up from his own tears, the man called his loved one and told her that he doesn’t deserve her love, and he is leaving her forever. But the pain was so big that he couldn’t survive the brake up.
In heaven, an angel met the arriving soul and escorted him straight to the gates of hell.
Unhappy and amazed he asked:
– How come you have brought me here? After all, I committed the biggest sacrifice for love!
The angel turned to him and answered:
– The soul wounds serve only to Devil. You will stay with the one that you have listened to.

Inspirational stories about God’s caring

It was my mother‘s funeral. My mother was kind and supportive. She was always there when I needed her. And I knew that she prayed for me for my entire life.

When she got seriously ill, my elder sister had a new baby and my younger brother was recently married. I had no entanglements, thus it was me, who could fully devote to taking care of mother. It was an honour.

Now, when she is gone, I found myself completely lost. „What will I do now, Lord” – I though and felt emptiness inside. Then I looked at my brother, he sat stoically while clutching his wife‘s hand. My sister sat by her husband and cradled their baby. He held his arms around her.

I sat alone. So deeply grieving, nobody noticed that. My mother was my closest friend. We read Bible together. I prepared meals, helped with her visits to doctors and took her for a walk. Now my job is done and I was alone.

Suddenly I heard a door opened and then quick footsteps hurried along the floor. In a moment I saw a young man, his eyes were filled with tears. He sat next to me. Then he sniffled: „I‘m late” and added: „Why do they call Mary by the name Margaret?” I whispered: „Because her name was Margaret, nobody called her Mary“. I wondered why this stranger sat next to me and interrupted my grieving with his tears and fidgeting.

„Her name is Mary Peters” – he insisted. „No, that isn‘t right” – I replied. Then a sudden thought stroke his mind. „Is this Lutheran church?” „No, it is across the street“. It was clear that the man was at the wrong funeral. This awkward situation and solemnity of the funeral bubbled up inside me, I began to laugh. Some mourners threw sharp looks at me. I looked at the man sitting next to me, he started laughing too.

I imagined my mother watching us and laughing together.

After the final „Amen“, we went together to the parking lot. „Perhaps we will be the talk of the town” – he smiled and then offered „Since I have missed my aunt‘s funeral, maybe we could drink a cup of coffee?”. I agreed.

A year after we were married at a small country church. This time we both arrived at the right place. God gave me laughter and love in my time of sorrow. Now we are celebrating our twenty-second wedding anniversary. When somebody asks, how we met, my husband tells: „Her mother and my aunt introduced us to each other. Thus, our match was certainly made in heaven.

Story about being true to yourself

One doctor became the greatest surgeon in the country and became the president of the National society of surgeons. For this reason, a celebration in his honour was held. But he was sad.

His friend came up to him and said:

– You achieved something that others can’t even dream about – you became the greatest surgeon. Why are you so sad?

– The thing is that I achieved something that I didn’t even wanted, – the surgeon said, – I never wanted to be a surgeon and now I can’t escape from it. If I would suffer a failure then maybe I would have a chance to do something that I really love. And now I am chained to a thing that I don’t even like.

– You must be joking? – The friend exclaimed, – the biggest honour for a surgeon is to become the president of a National society. Your wife is happy, your children are happy. Everyone has the highest respect for you!

– But I don’t respect myself – that’s what is wrong. I wanted to be a dancer, but my parents were against it, and I’ve listened to them. I was weak. I became a great surgeon, but I am very mediocre in the field that I wanted to dedicate my life to. That is why I am unhappy now.

The war and the old plough

The war was going on. Men were fighting. Women were carrying food to soldiers day and night, nursing the injured. In the village only old people and children remained.
One old man took an old plough and started sharpening it, mending it while singing something. His wife said to him with annoyance:
– You have a stone heart! Your sons joined a deadly battle, the village is in mourning. Your comrades are thinking about the fate of the village, and you, knowing this, are mending the plough and singing a song! If someone would ask, whom are you trying for, what would you say? Tomorrow the enemy will come here, they will kill you and us too, and they will take your plough.
– Woman, what are you talking? They will kill us, but not the plough. I’m building – not destroying. The world is resting on this plough: if we survive, we will need the plough, and if we die, maybe the love for labour will awaken in those who will take it. Maybe even I will be blessed. We don’t know, what is what in this world.

Stories about goal setting

One man was searching for an answer to the question: “What is the power? “.
He found out that there was a sage in his region. He came to this sage and saw that there was a nice house instead of poor shag and children were playing in the yard… A man was surprised; he thought that people who comprehended the truth, should live differently. He asked the owner to help him to find the answer.

A sage said:
— You can find the strength in yourself. Seek for your way or follow the road of the ancestors…  I’ll tell you a story…

One man, looking for perfection, was training hard day after day. And he knew the power of body.

Not bowing to the difficulties, he went ahead. Defeated himself. And he knew the power of spirit.

Comprehending the thoughts of great people, he found his opinion. And he knew the power of knowledge.

He fell in love, bowed down to the earth goddess of his heart. And he knew the power of feelings.

He had a house and a family. He took his child in the arms, and knew the power of life.

Encountering the unknown with pacification, he did not regret about the past and knew the power of death.


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