Short Story About Death And Life

Life gives each of us endless possibilities to be happy and free. So let's enjoy it to the fullest and never forget to feel thankful for being alive, unlike a girl in this short story about death and life.

Short story about death and life

A girl was standing on the roof of a high building. After finding out that her husband was cheating on her, she wanted to end with her life. After a short hesitation, she made a step forward. The girl fell fast towards the ground. But just before the death, the fear filled her soul. Suddenly she felt like she was in someone’s embrace. She opened her eyes and saw an angel, who was holding her in his hands.
– Why didn’t you let me fall? – She asked with anger.
– I will let you go if you agree to die understanding that there won’t be any memories of you left on earth, nothing.
– How is that? – asked the girl in surprise.
– You don’t have children, who would remember you, your mother is old and she will die soon. And everyone else…they will forget about you soon…
– And my husband? He will blame himself for my death. If he will feel remorse all his life, he will remember me.
– That won’t happen, he doesn’t love you, he is happy with another woman. And he won’t blame himself for a long time, soon he will forget you.
– Fine, I believe you. But I have things, photographs.
– Your apartment will burn down after one year. And all your things will turn into ash…
– But my friends have photos of me.
– You don’t have friends, – the angel said quite coldly.
– But… I am on the collective school photos.
Suddenly, the angel started to unclamp his hands.
– You are letting me go because I proved to you that there will be memories about me left? – The girl asked mockingly.
– No. You are clinging to the strings so hard; you are convincing me that I would let you die, just like others are clinging to some futile opportunities so that they could live. I don’t want to spend these moments with you, because I could help other people during that time. I want to give people a chance to live, not to die.