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Story About Sense Of Time

story about time

Once an old man and a young man were sitting on the shore of a wild and stormy river.

“Master,” the student asked, “why does the time flow straight, but always ripples, either slowing down to a complete stop, or racing like a cow with a thistle under her tail?”

The teacher looked at the seething water and answered:

“You see there are a few large stones in the river and a lot of small pebbles. Imagine that the river is your life. If you will only rejoice over big occasions – like your wedding that will happen next month, or like a new baby that you will have after one year, or new business that you will start after five years…  – then you will cross your life in a few jumps, like jumping from one stone to another. Otherwise, if you will move in small paces over the pebbles, taking joy in small things: a sunny day, the beauty of autumn forest, a good conversation, then later looking back at your life you won’t see ten big stones, but lots of your own traces, and each of them you will be able to remember with a happy smile. And you will see that the road that you have crossed is much longer.”

“But teacher, when I love or when I do the work that I like or when I have a talk with friends – the time flies fast. But the time drags so long when I’m hurt, when I’m afraid or when I feel lonely.”

“You see,” the old man answered wistfully, “this is what it should be. When we are unhappy, we don’t live but we only exist, so the time lies still in our wallets. And only for our happiness we pay the ringing coin of time, that we still have left.”

A clerk, coming out of his office, glanced at the Emperor palace

A clerk, coming out of his office, glanced at the Emperor palace with its shining domes and thought: “What a shame that I wasn’t born in the royal family. Life would have been so easy then”. The clerk went in the direction of the town centre, were the rhythmical banging of the hammers and loud shouts were heard.

The workers were building a new building right in the middle of the square. One of them saw the clerk with his papers and thought: “Why didn’t I go to study, like my father told me. Now I would be doing easy jobs, writing texts the whole day, and life would be so easy then.”

At that time the Emperor came to the giant window in his palace and glanced into the square. He saw the workers, clerks, salesmen, buyers, children and adults, and thought how it must be good to be in the fresh air all day, doing physical work, or working for someone, or just being a street vagrant, not thinking at all about politics and other difficult questions. “What a simple life these simple people must have” – he whispered.

Stories about time

stories about time

One day a wise man was asked a question: “What is time?”

His answer was:

– Yesterday, today, tomorrow…

The one who asked the question was disappointed:

– That’s it?

– Well, – the wise man said, – then listen to this story.


There was Today which wanted to become Always…  Yesterday said:

– I also wanted to become Always when I was you…

– Did you ask Always how it does that? – inquired Today.

– I asked.

– And?

– By changing, – was its answer, – by becoming Tomorrow from Today.

– But that means, – Today thought, – that Always does not belong to itself. It is always someone else! It means that something is making it do that. But what is it?

Yesterday said:

– Maybe it’s Time?

– What is time? – Today asked. – It’s only you and me, and also Tomorrow…


The one who was asking the wise man said nothing more, because another person, who was silent before, joined their conversation:

– But wise man, it means that time is the thing what passes. And that is wrong. It can also last by stopping.

The wise man looked at him with curiosity and answered with a smile:

– You are right. Sometimes today can last hundreds and thousands of years… before it passes. Sometimes it feels like yesterday has come back and we are living in it. There is a little bit of tomorrow in yesterday and in today, but we rarely recognise it. It turns out that there is only this trinity.

One day two students of the teacher Chang Hu came to his home

One day two students of the teacher Chang Hu came to his home. They sat down at the table as they should. And Chang Hu put a golden cup in front of one of his students, and in front of the other student he put an old and cleaved jar. Both the cup and the jar were filled with water. – Help yourself, – Chang Hu said.

The student who got the golden cup drank the water and with gratitude bowed to his former teacher. The student, whom the old jar was given to, looked at the teacher with reproof and asked:

– Tell me honourable Chang Hu, do you treat your former students so differently, that you offer one of them to drink water from a golden cup and for other one – from an old and cleaved jar? After so much time spent learning from you, I still can’t tell whom you prefer more? Chang Hu smiled and said:

– My dear students, the golden cup, that is stored in my house for many years, I place before the most honoured guests. Not everyone is allowed to drink from it, because it is a valuable thing. But I myself never use this cup. However, every day I drink water from my favourite old jar that faithfully serves me for so many years. This jar is valuable to my heart. I know every crack and cleavage on it. So, my dear students, how I treat both of you, only you can decide. But remember one thing – in this house I don’t have any dishes apart from a golden cup and a cleaved jar. And into both of them, I simply pour water.

Once upon a time there was a Wave

Once upon a time there was a Wave. She liked to frolic with the wind. She liked to caress the rocks on the shore.

Once she got into a strange bay. There was a Cliff. He stood in the middle of the bay. The Wave became friends with Cliff. They could talk for hours. They spent all time together.

Once the Wave realized that she loved the Cliff. He also liked funny and careless Wave. But he told her:

— No, you can‘t love me. I am a stone. I am a Cliff. I don‘t know how to love. I will break you.

But the Wave did not want to back down. She tried to hug Cliff and was scattered by thousands of gold spray. But Wave tried to do this again. She forced herself just to communicate with Cliff. She carefully took off shells, sticking on him. But Cliff said:

— I am strong. I am a stone. I don‘t need your care.

Once again the Wave rushed towards him. Once again the sprays glistened on the wind…

The years passed. The Wave still loved the Cliff. He pretended not noticing this. She tried to approach him – and still has been broken.

One morning the Wave disappeared. The Cliff woke up and did not see her nearby. But he forced himself not to think about it. Days went by, but she did not appear.

Several years have passed, and the Wave came back. She has changed a lot. She knew a lot more about life now. She was no longer so thoughtless and careless. But she still loved the Cliff. And he … he pretended that it does not matter that she came back, because he was a stone. How could he afford a weakness for the Wave?

Many years have passed. The Wave still talked with the Cliff, but there were no more intimate conversations and long night vigils. The Cliff was getting older. Water undermined it. And the Wave was travelling, learning new countries and cities, new people. Somehow, returning home, she realized that she no longer thought of the Cliff. The Cliff also understood that. And he also understood that could not live without her, without her stories about the cities and foreign shores, without her twitter about everything. One day the Cliff told her:

– Yes, I am a stone. Yes, I am a Cliff. But I cannot live without you.

And he fell into the waves. And the Wave… she just kissed him saying goodbye.

One person was going away from his hometown

One person was going away from his hometown. But he was doing it as though he was going away forever. He was asked:

– Why are you saying goodbye like that? You are going to visit a few countries, maybe you will travel for a couple of years, but afterwards you will come back here, to your hometown…

He answered:

– Because I’m leaving not on my free will, and every day spent in a foreign country will be very difficult for me.

And he left for a couple of years, visited a few countries, and every country was unknown and foreign for him. And when he came back to his own country, it turned up that his country changed so much through those years that it became unknown and foreign to him.

The other man was going away from his hometown forever. But he was leaving lightly, not saying goodbye to anyone. He was asked:

– Why are you leaving so lightly? You are leaving forever…

And he answered:

– Because I can’t stay longer in this country- it’s too difficult for me. And every day spent in another country will be a joy for me.

He was travelling for a few years, visited a couple of countries, and every country was close and familiar to him. But one day he came back to his country. And during those couple years his county changed so much that it was unrecognizable, and the traveller said:

– Finally, I found the country I was looking all the time!

Inspirational stories about attitude

inspirational stories about attitude

A long time ago there was a great shah. He ordered to build a beautiful palace which had many wonderful things in it. Among other curiosities in the palace there was a hall, where all the walls, the sealing, the door and even the floor were made of mirror. The mirrors were so clear and smooth that visitors didn’t understand at once that there was a mirror in front of them – so accurately the mirrors would reflect the objects. Moreover, the walls of this hall were made in a way that they created an extraordinary increased echo.

Once, a dog ran into the hall and froze in surprise in the middle of the hall, a whole pack of dogs surrounded it from all sides, from above and below. Just in case, the dog bared his teeth- and all the reflections responded to it in the same way. Frightened, the dog frantically barked – the echo imitated the bark and increased it many times. The dog barked even harder – and the echo was keeping up. The dog tossed from one side to another, biting the air- his reflections also tossed around snapping their teeth.

In the morning, the guards found the miserable dog, lifeless and surrounded by a million reflections of lifeless dogs. There was nobody, who would make any harm to the dog. The dog died by fighting with his own reflections.

The world doesn’t bring good or evil on its own. Everything that is happening around us is the reflection of our own thoughts, feelings, wishes and actions. The world is a big mirror.

Inspirational stories on value of time

inspirational stories on value of time

One person worked long and hard for making a great career. One day he decided to rest from the work and to live in luxury for his pleasure, which he could afford because of his wealth.
Just when he made this decision, an angel of death came to him.
Being a very wealthy person, he decided to buy some more time from the angel of death at any cost. He bargained for a long time but the angel was unmoved.
Desperate, the rich man made the last proposal to the angel:
– Give me just one hour of my life, so that I could admire the beauty of this earth for the last time and spend some time with my family and friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time, and I will give you all of my wealth.
But the angel refused again.
Finally, the man asked if the angel could give him at least one minute so that he could write a goodbye note. His wish was granted and he wrote a note:
“Spend your time, which was given to you, in the right way. I couldn’t buy even an hour of life with all of my wealth. Listen to your heart and check if the things surrounding you have a true value. Cherish every minute of your life.”

People, having different questions in life

People, having different questions in life, were coming to the teacher Sho. He always surprised them with his answers.

— How to recognize a real sage, Teacher? — One of the students asked him. – Everyone teaches now!

A teacher Sho smiled and answered:

— A real sage does not teach. He learns.

The sage did not allow students to call him wise

The sage did not allow students to call him wise.

— Why? — One student asked.

The sage seemed to smile with his eyes:

— You cannot be wise. You can just become it, making mistakes.

— To become wise, making mistakes… — repeated the student and, being surprised, exclaimed: — But it‘s just an experience!

— But then it turns out that you can‘t be a sage! — Another student spoke up.

The sage just smiled in response.

However, the third student protested:

— Someone, making mistakes, becomes smarter and others – not. Thus, it gets so that if a person is wise initially, his wisdom can increase, but if a person don’t have any wisdom, there is nothing to multiply.

The sage smiled wider and nodded:

– Thank you for making me wiser.

Happiness and Luck were smiling widely at him

Happiness and Luck were smiling widely at him. He got everything that he wanted without any effort. He was tall, strong, handsome man that every woman fought for. He never thought about money, because he regularly was getting an inheritance after an inheritance from an unknown relative.

He was so good at gambling that no one gambled with him anymore, and recently even the Casino owners started sending money to his charity account so that he would not visit their establishments. He lived moving from one country to another, speaking fluently on many languages.

He knew many celebrities, and often he financed their projects, which no one else believed in, and which later turned out to be a success. Spoiled by fortune, he saw, knew and tasted everything that he wanted. The happiness and luck that he had would have been enough for a hundred lucky people, or for a thousand ordinary lives. He loudly celebrated the entrance into his thirties with his friends and a gorgeous wife that adored him. In his happily married life he had two children: a boy that looked just like him, and a girl – a copy of her mother.

One day after his 30 birthday, Happiness and Luck visited Destiny. After seeing them on her doorstep she chattered:
He is flying alone to Africa for a hunt. He would be flying in a strong side wind and above the rebels. I have arranged everything with the wind. The rebels will miss. Is this that you wanted?
Happiness and Luck looked at each other smiling. Happiness said:
– No. Let happen what should happen.
Destiny raised her eyebrows in surprise:
– But they will shoot him down. He will die.
Happiness and Luck shook their heads.
– Explain, – Destiny demanded, – you did so much for his wellbeing and now you are leaving him.
Both shook their heads again and Happiness said:
– He was happier than everyone else. He reached his peak, after that the fall begins. In the chase for a bigger experience he already tried drugs. It will be the reason for the collapse and breakdown of his family. He will burn fast, but will suffer and torment his closest people; he will ruin the impression of himself.
If he dies now, his life will remain a colourful festival. Everyone will be sorry for him, for the widow and the children, they will say: “He was a one of a kind man, brave, lucky, generous. He did so much good and he could have done even more… Life is a shooting star.”
After carefully listening Destiny uttered thoughtfully:
– Well, yes. Leaving on time is also a success.
– I ask only one thing, – Luck said, – Please ensure that the rebels are accurate and the death is sudden.
– He won’t understand anything, – Destiny responded.
– Won’t understand, – agreed Happiness, – we were both wrong. He simply cannot understand.
And Luck finished sadly:
– This is the last thing that we can do for him.

Grandpa, what you are whispering?

– Grandpa, what you are whispering? – Boy asked his grandfather, after noticing that he was whispering something to himself before going to bed.

– I put a thought on the Heart… —grandfather said.

A boy was surprised:

– What does it mean?

Wise grandfather told him:

– I do not want to quarrel with a neighbour who let me down, but I do not know how to behave. So I will put a thought on the Heart and go to sleep, and in the morning the Heart will tell me what to do.

– And where does the Heart know it from?

– The Heart knows everything, I’m learning from it all my life. And I may advise you: when looking for an answer to a difficult question, when something is not clear, put a positive thought before going to bed at the Heart, and next morning the answers will be opened for you. Just do it with faith.

You have a task. Traditionally, it’s a little bit a routine

You have a task. Traditionally, it’s a little bit a routine. But even the routine tasks can be done effectively. Not mentioning the more difficult ones. You only need to think before doing. Even if you know the necessary steps for accomplishing the task – think. All of the traditional solutions for reaching your goal are not effective with the set of skills and talents that you have!

Think how you can accomplish the task more effectively, by using your skills, talents and knowledge.

Once a year American Indians do graters for gridding food. They do them from wood – piercing pieces of metal into it. And the way they pierce it: producing the most beautiful ornaments! They show it to each other – to see who did a better ornament. Ant later they paint over it, putting the last pieces of metal into the empty spaces.

American Indians have another method for getting rid of routine jobs.
It takes a long time for one person to cover a new roof in your house with palm leaves. But instead of doing it, they cook food, make pies and wine. And later they invite the whole village to cover the roof, just like to a party.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and invent effective solutions before performing the tasks!

Think of all the people who live or ever lived on our planet

Think of all the people who live or ever lived on our planet since the very beginning of time. None of them is like you! What a miraculous thing is to be you! Nobody has the same combination of talents, abilities, sorrows and opportunities. No one has the same friends, family jokes or acquaintances. Nobody‘s finger prints are the same. No one has the same concerns or goals like you. No one! You are unique!

Accept and enjoy this uniqueness. You don‘t have to pretend to look more like other expect you to be. Don‘t be afraid to be different. No one in the world has the same things going on in his mind, soul, spirit as are going on in yours. It is a gift only to you. Treasure and share your uniqueness!

Nobody can speak your words. Nobody can smile your smile. No one can bring the same unique impact of you to another person.

Enjoy your uniqueness, let it flow out among your family and friends, all the people you meet.

Give yourself away and be inspired by the fact that you are UNIQUE!