Stories For New Beginnings

The Creator created people, gave them words

The Creator created people, gave them words for communication and thinking, settled them in the fertile valley at the foot of the mountains, gave them longevity and started to observe, how they will aspire to the development.
The time has passed, but people did not develop.
They did not go beyond their village and did not climb up the mountains. Their eyes did not look at the sky and did not look in the Heart.
So they became old.
The Creator decided to find out, what was the matter.
He became a man and came to them as a traveller. Before sunset people gathered at the square to talk with the traveller.
He described them a life beyond the horizon and suggested:
– Do you want me to lead you there, and you will see how people live in these places?
— Oh, — they answered sadly, – it is late, we became old …
– Then come with me to the mountains to look at the world from the top!
— Oh, — they suspired, — it is too late, we have no energy …
— Look at the sky, — the traveller said them, — and I will tell you about the life in the Kingdom of Heaven!
They answered again:
— It is late; our mind will not understand your story …
The traveller became sad. He decided to cheer people.
— Let‘s sing a song! — he said and was going to sing first, but people noticed that the sun went down.
— It is late, — they said, — it is time to sleep… — and went to their huts. The traveller shouted them:
— People, when life is continuous and infinite, it is not late for any achievements!
But they did not turn back. Then the Creator told himself:
— I will take away all words of limitation from people: „late“, „not“, „impossible“, „far“, „high“, „hard“, „will not understand“, and will place in their hearts the joy of infinity. Maybe they will perceive my Law: nothing is late, because there is no end, there is only the beginning! He did so and waited for the morning: will people change and will they go with him to the mountains?