Stories About Wishes Coming True

Young king, who has just begun to rule, had a dream...

Young king, who has just begun to rule, had a dream about an angel that said him:

— I will fulfil one your wish.

In the morning the king has called his three advisers:

— An angel promised me to fulfil one my wish. I wish that people of our kingdom would live happily. Tell me, which kingdom do they need?

— The kingdom of wishes! — One of advisers said immediately.

The second and third advisers wanted to say something, too, but did not have time: young king closed eyes and called an angel in his mind.

— I wish that the desires of all citizens would be fulfilled. Let my kingdom be the Kingdom of wishes…

From that moment strange events started to happen in the whole kingdom. Many people became rich, some huts turned into palaces, someone get wings and started to fly; the others became young.

People became sure that their wishes are being fulfilled immediately and everyone started to wish more than the other one. But soon they discovered that there was a lack of wishes and began to envy those who still had wishes.

Therefore they greedily stole wishes from the neighbours, friends, children …

Many people were overcome by the anger and they wished something bad to others. Palaces were collapsing and new palaces were built on their places immediately; someone became a beggar and started to send calamities to others. Someone moaned in pain and then gloated sending more painful sufferings to other people. Peace and harmony disappeared in the Kingdom of wishes. People feuded, sent the arrows of spite and ill will to each other. One man excelled the others in his craftiness: he wished a dangerous disease for himself and tried to infect it other people hugging, kissing them, and shaking their hands. The first adviser immediately dethroned the young king and proclaimed himself as a king. But soon he was dethroned by another man, that man was dethroned by someone else and a scramble of thousand ruthless wishes began around the throne.

The young king run away from the town and met an old man on the edge of the kingdom.

The old man was ploughing the land and singing a song.

— You have no wishes? — The king asked the old man with surprise.

— Surely, I have them… — the old man said.

— Why don’t you fulfil them immediately like other people do?

— Because I do not want to lose happiness like all citizen of your kingdom did.

— But you are poor, and may become rich; you are old, and you may become young!

— I am the richest man, — the old man answered. — I plough the land, sow and so build up a pearl path from my Heart to my God … and I’m younger than you, because my soul is like a baby’s.

The king said with regret:

– If you were my advisor, I would not have made a mistake.

– I was your adviser, who you did not listen to, – said the old man with no sense of reproach and continued to plough the land.