Funny Story About Money

On this page you can find a funny story about money and banking.

Funny story about money

funny story about money

An old man came into the bank and asked for a loan of 500 dollars. The bank employee started filling out the papers.
– What are you going to do with this money? – He asked.
– I will go to the city to sell the jewellery that I made.
– What do you have for the security of the loan?
– I don’t know, what is a security? – the man said.
– Well, security – is something that has value and can cover the cost of the loan. Do you have a car?
– Yes – a 1949 year truck.
– No, it won’t suit, – said the bank clerk. – Maybe you have livestock?
– Yes, I have a horse.
– How old is it?
– I don’t know because it doesn’t have teeth anymore to tell.
In the end the papers for the loan were filled and the man was given 500 dollars.
After a couple of weeks the man came to the bank again with a package of money. He counted the ones belonging to the bank and hid the other ones.
– What are you going to do with the other money, – the same clerk asked.
– I will keep them in my house, – the man answered.
– You can make a deposit in our bank.
– I don’t know, what’s a deposit? – The man said.
– Well, you give the money to the bank, bank takes care of it, and when you need money, you can take it.
The old man thought about it and asked:
– Does the bank have something to give me in security for the money?


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