A Soul Wound Story

One day an old Soul Wound decided

One day an old Soul Wound decided to destroy her host. She came to him in a dream and said:
– Look at yourself and around you. How do you live? After all, you have only problems- inside and outside.
– So what, – the host answered, – but I have a wonderful woman. I love her and she loves me.
– But what can you offer her, except your own problems? She will leave you soon, – The Soul Wound said.
– No she won’t! – The man said, – after all, she loves me.
– Think about it – is it possible to love you? You are a loser! – The Soul Wound exclaimed.
– That is the thing! If I wouldn’t have any problems – inside and outside, I would have some doubts about her being with me. But now I’m sure about her sincerity.
– Ok, then think: if she is so wonderful, do you deserve her? Doesn’t she deserve a better life, than with you – mentally wounded loser with lots of problems?
After waking up from his own tears, the man called his loved one and told her that he doesn’t deserve her love, and he is leaving her forever. But the pain was so big that he couldn’t survive the brake up.
In heaven, an angel met the arriving soul and escorted him straight to the gates of hell.
Unhappy and amazed he asked:
– How come you have brought me here? After all, I committed the biggest sacrifice for love!
The angel turned to him and answered:
– The soul wounds serve only to Devil. You will stay with the one that you have listened to.