Story About Changing The World

The sage, after travelling a half of his life

The sage, after travelling a half of his life and being an advisor of the king, has retired and prayed, preparing to stand before God. But still he communicated with students, who were allowed to ask him the trickiest questions.
So, he was asked:
— Why the Creator does not let people make a paradise on the earth during their lifetime?
— If they could, they would do it, — was his answer.
But his student continued asking:
— It comes so that people cannot be better? But it‘s all in God‘s hands, isn‘t it? And he wishes his children to joy him. How it can be?
The sage looked at him, smiled and asked:
— Do you want to say that God can do nothing with us and ask to give him an advice?
The student bowed his head silently.
The sage said:
— Isn’t it better to start from your own? Do not think about people too much, remember about yourself. Everyone will have to answer for his own.