Stories About Wise Men

People, having different questions in life

People, having different questions in life, were coming to the teacher Sho. He always surprised them with his answers.

— How to recognize a real sage, Teacher? — One of the students asked him. – Everyone teaches now!

A teacher Sho smiled and answered:

— A real sage does not teach. He learns.

The sage did not allow students to call him wise

The sage did not allow students to call him wise.

— Why? — One student asked.

The sage seemed to smile with his eyes:

— You cannot be wise. You can just become it, making mistakes.

— To become wise, making mistakes… — repeated the student and, being surprised, exclaimed: — But it‘s just an experience!

— But then it turns out that you can‘t be a sage! — Another student spoke up.

The sage just smiled in response.

However, the third student protested:

— Someone, making mistakes, becomes smarter and others – not. Thus, it gets so that if a person is wise initially, his wisdom can increase, but if a person don’t have any wisdom, there is nothing to multiply.

The sage smiled wider and nodded:

– Thank you for making me wiser.