Story About Lucky Man

Happiness and Luck were smiling widely at him

Happiness and Luck were smiling widely at him. He got everything that he wanted without any effort. He was tall, strong, handsome man that every woman fought for. He never thought about money, because he regularly was getting an inheritance after an inheritance from an unknown relative.

He was so good at gambling that no one gambled with him anymore, and recently even the Casino owners started sending money to his charity account so that he would not visit their establishments. He lived moving from one country to another, speaking fluently on many languages.

He knew many celebrities, and often he financed their projects, which no one else believed in, and which later turned out to be a success. Spoiled by fortune, he saw, knew and tasted everything that he wanted. The happiness and luck that he had would have been enough for a hundred lucky people, or for a thousand ordinary lives. He loudly celebrated the entrance into his thirties with his friends and a gorgeous wife that adored him. In his happily married life he had two children: a boy that looked just like him, and a girl – a copy of her mother.

One day after his 30 birthday, Happiness and Luck visited Destiny. After seeing them on her doorstep she chattered:
He is flying alone to Africa for a hunt. He would be flying in a strong side wind and above the rebels. I have arranged everything with the wind. The rebels will miss. Is this that you wanted?
Happiness and Luck looked at each other smiling. Happiness said:
– No. Let happen what should happen.
Destiny raised her eyebrows in surprise:
– But they will shoot him down. He will die.
Happiness and Luck shook their heads.
– Explain, – Destiny demanded, – you did so much for his wellbeing and now you are leaving him.
Both shook their heads again and Happiness said:
– He was happier than everyone else. He reached his peak, after that the fall begins. In the chase for a bigger experience he already tried drugs. It will be the reason for the collapse and breakdown of his family. He will burn fast, but will suffer and torment his closest people; he will ruin the impression of himself.
If he dies now, his life will remain a colourful festival. Everyone will be sorry for him, for the widow and the children, they will say: “He was a one of a kind man, brave, lucky, generous. He did so much good and he could have done even more… Life is a shooting star.”
After carefully listening Destiny uttered thoughtfully:
– Well, yes. Leaving on time is also a success.
– I ask only one thing, – Luck said, – Please ensure that the rebels are accurate and the death is sudden.
– He won’t understand anything, – Destiny responded.
– Won’t understand, – agreed Happiness, – we were both wrong. He simply cannot understand.
And Luck finished sadly:
– This is the last thing that we can do for him.