Stories About Goal Setting

On this page you will find a collection of inspirational stories about goal setting.

Stories about goal setting

One man was searching for an answer to the question: “What is the power? “.
He found out that there was a sage in his region. He came to this sage and saw that there was a nice house instead of poor shag and children were playing in the yard… A man was surprised; he thought that people who comprehended the truth, should live differently. He asked the owner to help him to find the answer.

A sage said:
— You can find the strength in yourself. Seek for your way or follow the road of the ancestors…  I’ll tell you a story…

One man, looking for perfection, was training hard day after day. And he knew the power of body.

Not bowing to the difficulties, he went ahead. Defeated himself. And he knew the power of spirit.

Comprehending the thoughts of great people, he found his opinion. And he knew the power of knowledge.

He fell in love, bowed down to the earth goddess of his heart. And he knew the power of feelings.

He had a house and a family. He took his child in the arms, and knew the power of life.

Encountering the unknown with pacification, he did not regret about the past and knew the power of death.


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